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About Us

The Aythaya Sunset WineGarden restaurant has become famous in the Southern Shan State. It serves specialties from the region but also good European food, and of course, the right wine to accompany a meal, being an integral part of the AYTHAYA winery.

The proverbial “Sunset at the Vineyard” has become an institution for all travelers who want to find out more about the first Myanmar wine.  The breath-taking landscape on the western slope of Taunggyi, reminded a visitor of "Napa Valley in California or Tuscany Valley in Italy". Indeed, the WineGarden restaurant of the 1st Vineyard in Myanmar offers an inspiring view into the valley and the vineyard. The kitchen focuses on “freshness of all ingredients, whether it is local curries or the best from among European dishes.  It’s all yours to explore!

The History

The project sponsors are Bert Morsbach and a group of friends from Germany who share his love for Myanmar and for wine. All were prepared to cope with impressive challenges and to accept the risks of being pioneers in a friendly, yet unknown environment.

In 1998 the first 3,000 vines from Europe were planted in Lailaw, the capital of the Kayah State. In 1999 that first vineyard had to be relocated to Aythaya in the Southern Shan States and an additional 10,000 vine plants were imported. Then, the decisive research and trail period started culminating in an overwhelmingly positive response from the market. The results exceeded expectations by far.

Today, the founders can claim that top quality wines can be produce in Myanmar. It was a calculated risk and it was a hugely challenging period between the first viticulture research in 1997 and bottling of the first export-quality AYTHAYA wines in autumn 2004. The founders owe a great deal of that success to the close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture. Since 2008 the Myanmar Vineyard Estate is an MIC promoted Co., Ltd.

Our international Menu includes:

A spectrum of specialties from the Shan region, as well as from Myanmar, Thailand, China and Europe. We have a menu that satisfies even the most demanding palates! For more information, see our menu.

Specialties: amongst others, Fish in Banana Leaves, Stuffed Wine Leaves with Minced Mutton and Mexican Style Pork Ribs.

An informative wine tasting is obviously part of your visit as well as a tour through the vineyard, both conducted by professionals in their field.



You can book your table for a romantic dinner, a birthday or any special celebration.

Spaces are available for private events at our beautiful vineyard and Sunset WineGarden Restaurant:



Please make reservations for parties of 20 people and over.

We accept VISA, Mastercard and MPU cards.

Restaurant Hours:

8:00 a.m.   -  09:00 p.m.     Monday - Sunday


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