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Bag in Box (BiB)

Bag in Box (BiB)

Times have changed and for the better. Computers are in our hands and not only at desks. Also, quality wine does not need to be corked and in glass bottles to be good!

The evolution of wine box packaging is giving consumers and hospitality industries greater convenience and freshness longevity with improved environmental friendliness.
For enjoyment of wines at parties or easy everyday consumption, box packaging is here to stay and will increase in the years ahead. The Myanmar Vineyard company is staying current with the international market and have embraced this positive trend.

BiB Wine Advantages

  1. Your BiB wine stays fresh for weeks without requiring argon gas to maintain freshness once opened. 

  2. BiB is a cheaper and easy transportable packaging option with a significant cost savings without the compromise in quality. 

  3. Other eco-friendly benefits exists, it is recyclable with a lower carbon footprint than heavy glass bottles.

  4. Transportation costs are lower as well.


Lengthy Wine Storage:  4-6 weeks once opened.  

3L Box  =   4  bottles (750ml standard bottles)

5L Box  =  6 ½  bottles 


White wine boxes can be kept in the refrigerator and ready to pour on demand. 
No stress to have a glass of wine without immediate concern of oxidation, hence, decline of quality. 


Be box friendly!  No corks, no glass, only smiles — for weeks!

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