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The Terrace

Our terrace section is one of the most beautiful sections of our restaurant. It faces the vineyard with a breath-taking view. The guests are fond of it because they can see both the sunset and the vineyard from a single place.

The capacity of our terrace section is maximum 100 guests.

La Bodega


Another section with a more intimate vibe is called Labodega. This section creates a warm and cosy atmosphere with some nice decoration and tables. Families with children will enjoy sitting in our grape-shaped couch and spend some time relaxing together.

The capacity of our Labodega section is maximum 30 guest.



The Garden

This garden section is also the guests’ favourite. Tables are positioned around the pond and much closer to our grape plantation. Sunset from our garden section is also unique. There are also three huts we call Bali House beside the pond. The huts are built in a traditional style so they are suitable for families or groups of friends who wish to sit on the floor.

A bamboo bar is also available for the guests who want to enjoy some wine sitting on high stools. Exception made for the Bali Houses and bamboo bar, we do not recommend this part of our restaurant when it is raining as we do not want anyone of you to get sick :)

The capacity of our garden section is maximum 150 guests.

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The Pavilion


This private table is often booked since it is our guests’ most favourite place and should therefore be reserved at least 2 days ahead. Some guests even miss this place when someone has already taken it. It’s the only place that is situated in the middle of the pond. Some couples keenly want to get our pavilion to celebrate a romantic lunch or dinner, anniversary, wedding dinner or even their engagement. Give us a call or go to our reservation page to book our pavilion now!

The capacity of our pavilion is maximum 8 guests.

The BBQ 


This barbecue section is the newest section at our restaurant: it was opened just in December 2018. It’s the closet section from our grape plantation.


A barbecue hut is also available for families or groups who want to book a place to grill by themselves. We recommend sitting here in evening time. This section is closed during rainy season.

The capacity of our BBQ section is maximum 50 guests.

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