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Wine Tasting


You shouldn’t miss your chance to taste our wines in the beautiful vineyard while you are in Myanmar. During the tasting, you will be given our 6 types of selected wines: three types of white wine, one rosé and two red. It only costs 6000 Ks (about 5 USD) per person.


Everyday, from 09:00am until 06:00pm


Important note: wine tasting is not available during

“Lighting festival”, “Hot air balloon festival” and

“Water festival”. See the wine tasting unavailable dates as follow.

2022 Lighting festival: 8th Oct 2022 to 10th Oct 2022


2022 Hot air balloon festival: 1st Nov 2022 to 8th Nov 2022


2022 Water festival: 13th April 2022 to 17th April 2022

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