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Monte Vino

The Wine made for Myanmar for Family and Friends

The growing popularity of wine in Myanmar allowed us to forge a long term relationship to satisfy our fast expanding wine market with support from Vintners in South Africa. After a careful selection process, 1st Myanmar Vineyard Estate produces under the careful guidance of our gifted European winemaker a fresh tailor-made wine produced under the label of MONTE VINO. The enchanting flavour profile offers a satisfying taste that proves that world wine can be offered at affordable and attractive prices without compromising the demands for maintaining high standards of quality.


Monte Vino White Wine


Grapes: Chenin Blanc/Colombard (From South Africa) 


Characteristics: straw-yellow colour. It has a taste of quince and apple with a nice background of honey.


Food Matching: good with all white meat, curries, all kinds of sea foods, sweet & sour Asian dishes, pasta and all kinds of vegetables.

Recommended Temperature: 9 – 11 °C

Monte Vino Red Wine

Grapes: Cinsault / Pinotage (from South Africa)  


Characteristics: clear and ruby-red colour. It strong mouthful impression reminds you of strawberries and, a touch of cocoa and coffee which comes from the Pinotage grape . This flavours are accompanied by a well-balanced tannin structure.

Food Matching: all red meat and all sorts of venison, lamb and barbecue dishes plus strong cheeses.

Recommended Temperature: 11 – 13 °C

Monte Vino Red Wine

Semi Sweet


Grapes: Cinsault / Pinotage (from South Africa)  


Characteristics: This Semi Sweet Red Wine is made from Cinsault and Pinotage grapes from S.A.

The wine has a red ruby color and its mouthful impression reminds you on strawberries and chocolate. The fruity flavor is accompanied by a well-blanced tannin structure.


Food Match: This is a stellar "stand-alone" glass of wine. However it truly is perfect with so many different dishes and since it is on the sweet side, it also pairs well with your favorite cakes, pies and pasatries.

Recommended Temperature: 10 – 14 °C

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